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Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery fabrics and furnishing can get very dirty very fast, and often contain pesky dust mites and unwanted bacteria. Instead of investing in reupholstering, let us offer you the highest quality and best upholstery cleaning services.

As a high-end dry cleaning service provider offering carpet and upholstery cleaning in Miami, we are equipped to leaving your furniture looking brand new and odor-free. With our technologically advanced equipment, our qualified professionals will eliminate any stains, dirt and grime, surface molds, bacteria, and dust mites from all your furniture in your homes and offices, without damaging the fabric.

We want to give you a better way to relax and enjoy your favorite furniture with the best carpet and upholstery cleaning in town. We disinfect, sanitize, vacuum, and apply different techniques for drying upholstery and leaving your furniture looking spotless and smooth to the touch. Our professional cleaners use the finest methods in providing exceptional handling and care for all your soft furnishings, padding, chair coverings, sofas, and other luxury items to your satisfaction. We also prevent the spread of bacteria, and mold from settling into mattresses and sofas in both homes and offices.

Our team's attention to detail is what gave us our formidable reputation in Miami. We start each job with a detailed pre-cleaning examination of your upholstery, which systematically classifies items based on the type of fabric. Additionally, our cleaning professionals will assess the current condition of your furniture items, and then run a small patch test on each item to ensure complete compatibility with cleaning products before proceeding. We then go on to a deep and thorough cleaning of each item individually and with the upmost attention and care.

In today's world, we understand the importance of ecological friendliness, and therefore stress upon providing environmentally friendly chemicals and avoid harmful cleaning products popular with many other upholstery cleaning services. Nothing beats the look of clean, dry and cozy furniture that is safe for you, your family and the environment.

To ensure optimal quality and health of your upholstery, we recommend cleaning it on a regular basis or at least twice a year. Call us today for a quote on professional upholstery cleaning.