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"Best Drycleaner" by citysearch

Premium Shirt Laundering

Let’s face it, business attire and buttoned shirts with collars and cuffs require a lot of time to keep looking great. Ironing alone can take hours for just a few shirts. Rey’s simplifies the task with two options for professional results: 
Basic service for clean, fresh shirts with pressed collars and cuffs with soft wrinkle-free bodies.
Complete hand-finishing service for individual care and attention given to every thread. Whichever service you choose, Rey’s will inspect and removes stains, as well as check buttons, seams and repairs or will reinforce them as appropriate. Our attention to detail is what helps us provide the best garment cleaning in Miami.

Rey's Cleaners has been the premier dry cleaner in Miami for over 30 years. While all dry cleaners service business shirts, none clean and press them like us. What differentiates us is our attention to detail, starting with the inspection of the garment to the final press and packaging. In addition to business attire, we offer laundry and dry cleaning services for a variety of garments and accessories, including couture wear, wedding apparel, leather and suede garments, handbags, shoes and more.