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Couture Wear

The very nature of couture wear is that it is a unique handmade creation made just for the wearer. In many ways, these garments are like wearable pieces of art, and should be cared for and preserved as such. As a couture dry cleaner, we have many years of experience working with top designers, fashion shows, museum showings, and celebrity wardrobes to clean and care for the special fabrics, hand detailing, and one-of-a-kind touches that define the couture experience.

Rey’s couture cleaning service includes:

Inspection: Different stains and fabrics require different cleaning. To ensure your couture wear is cleaned properly, we first examine the garment, noting the source of the stain, its condition as well as any alterations that may be necessary.
Pre-treating / Post-treating Stains: Upon inspecting the garment, one of our Master Dry Cleaners will take care of treating the stain prior to cleaning.
Forms & Fillings: After cleaning, we preserve the shape of your garment with forms and fillings.
Hand Packing: As a finish, we will hand pack your couture wear in garment bags or boxes, as appropriate.
Let us care for your wear.