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Cleaning Techniques

In addition to our
Rey’s Deluxe Dry cleaning service
we also offer a wide variety of
Other Methodologies for Cleaning & Care.

Couture Dry Cleaners
Garment Cleaning Miami


Dry Cleaning

For delicate fabrics and hand-finished garments, dry cleaning is a safe and effective way to clean and maintain the item. As a couture dry cleaner, we evaluate each piece of clothing to determine the best care for it. Additionally, we recommend any necessary pre-treating or other special care your garments may require.

Premium Shirt Laundering

Let’s face it, business attire and buttoned shirts with collars and cuffs require a lot of time to keep looking great. Ironing alone can take hours for just a few shirts. Rey’s simplifies the task with two options for professional results:
Basic service for clean, fresh shirts with pressed collars and cuffs with soft wrinkle-free bodies.
Complete hand-finishing service for individual care and attention given to every thread. Whichever service you choose, Rey’s will inspect and removes stains, as well as check buttons, seams and repairs or will reinforce them as appropriate. Our attention to detail is what helps us provide the best garment cleaning in Miami.

Couture Wear

The very nature of couture wear is that it is a unique handmade creation made just for the wearer. In many ways, these garments are like wearable pieces of art, and should be cared for and preserved as such. As a couture dry cleaner, we have many years of experience working with top designers, fashion shows, museum showings, and celebrity wardrobes to clean and care for the special fabrics, hand detailing, and one-of-a-kind touches that define the couture experience. Specific services include inspection, pre-treating or post-treating of stains by one of our Master Dry Cleaners, forms and fillings to preserve shape, and proper hand packing in garment bags or boxes, as appropriate.

Wedding Apparel

The suit or dress you wear on your wedding day is more than just clothing... it’s a memory. As such, it deserves to be treated and preserved with exceptional care. Rey’s specializes in one-of-a-kind pieces thanks to a thorough inspection process and decades of experience in selecting the best cleansing method for the fabrics and any embellishments used. Any stains are pre-treated and attended to by one of our Master Dry Cleaners. Then, the final finishing and inspection process is completed and the garment is hand-packed in an acid- and lignon-free museum-quality preservation box, wrapped with a cotton dust cover and secured with a ribbon for storage. To preserve your special day’s memory, trust Rey’s for your garment cleaning in Miami.

Custom Alterations

Rey’s Cleaners offers alterations and repairs at our locations, or by in-home appointment. Our staff of garment-care specialists also includes a number of qualified and experienced seamstresses and tailors who can provide such services as:
New zippers
Waist adjustments (let out, take in)
Hem adjustments (shorten, lengthen)
Original hem
Sleeves (shortening, adjusting button placement)
Reweaving (invisible, square outline)
Buttons (replacement or repair)
Embellishments (reinforcement of loose buttons, beds, or embroidery)
Special occasion and bridal gowns
And more!
Please contact us at 786.235.0795 to schedule an appointment for your fitting and alterations.

Leather and Suede Care

Unlike fabrics which are made from natural fibers (like cotton or silk) or synthetic fibers (such as jersey or poly blends), leather and suede are made from the hides of animals. As such, they have special needs when it comes to care and maintenance. Our skilled technicians can remove stains, prevent dryness and cracking, and restore softness, movement, and texture.