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Clothing care tips

Spots and Stains

Should you stain your garment while you are out first blot the stain as much as you can off, then saturate that small area where the stain is with water and blot once more. Try not to rub the surface aggressively as this will loosen the fibers of the fabric, integrate the stain even deeper into the fabric and/or cause the dye in that area to become dull. Truly the best answer is to leave the stain alone and take it as quickly as possible to the cleaners so that they can take off the stain with the proper solutions and not harm the fabric. Do keep in mind, however, that by attempting to take the stain out yourself, you may leave the stained area looking worn, dull & still have a residual stain in it. This stain, after it has been set in by water, is much more difficult to take out by the cleaners a day or two later.

Point out any spots to your drycleaner and tell them what the origin of the spot is to help them remove it efficiently

Hangers Make A Difference

Use good quality hangers on your garments, especially heavy garments. The better hangers are those that are sturdy and that have a slight curve that follows your shoulder line. Avoid any hangers that make your upper sleeve poke out as this indent will mark the fabric over time and will appear as a pucker on your upper sleeve upon wearing the garment.

Proper Storage

Try not to bunch your garments too tightly in your closet as this causes the clothes to wrinkle and possibly permanently crease a garment.

Follow Care Labels

Follow all care label instructions and do not leave your items in the dryer for too long. It is best to take them out of the dryer while they are still damp and hang up to dry so as to avoid shrinkage, if possible lay sweaters on sweater net racks to dry, do not hang to dry and try to avoid drying in the dryer as much as possible.