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Storing Vintage and Heirloom garments at home

How to Care for Your Vintage or Heirloom Garments at Home

We have seen so many fascinating pieces come through our doors at Rey’s Cleaners to be cared for.  Many are items that were tucked away at the back of a loved one’s closet that have yellowed with age or deteriorated under the arms or whose beading fell apart in several areas. Other garments are treasured, one of a kind finds at a local thrift store that have similar issues but just really need a little TLC to bring back to life.

This gown for instance was a wedding gown found in one of our client’s mother’s closet.  It was her grandmother’s and as you can see it had yellowed with age tucked away out of sight.

Heirloom Wedding Gown Before Restoration
This beloved vintage wedding gown was forgotten in time and desperately needed some tender loving fabricare.

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