Concsiously Going Green Everyday

Consciously Going Green Everyday at Rey’s

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Going green isn’t just a fad anymore, it’s a lifestyle choice, it’s our ethical and moral duty and a part of who we are as a society.  Just imagine how the world would change for the better if everyone did one ‘green’ conscious thing a day?! That’s what we’re looking to do within our own company.  Rey’s Cleaners has a vision for how we as a dry cleaning company can be more eco-conscious.

Rey’s Cleaners understands the growing social consciousness toward the environment and we are doing our best everyday to aid in this worldwide effort.  It is for this reason that Rey’s has begun to do more and more cleaning using the more environmentally friendly solutions of Wet-Cleaning and using a green cleaning solvent called System K4.  Although we have continued to utilize the traditional cleaning solvent of Perc (Percholoroethylene), we also adhere and observe very strict controls on distillation and disposal that err very much on the side of caution.  Our responsibility toward the environment goes beyond technical terms and chemistry. Thus in an effort to reduce, reuse and recycle, Rey’s Cleaners has adopted the following procedures in a conscientious effort to decrease our environmental footprint:


  • Recycle hangers
  • Reusable laundry bags
  • Use of the wet-cleaning method on ‘dry clean’ only garments
  • Use of biodegradable detergents
  • Use of a cooled loop cooling system in an effort to minimize usage of water
  • Conversion of all lighting to high efficiency fluorescent lighting
  • Use and proper maintenance of new, energy efficient cleaning machines in the industry
  • Poly bag recycling program for all poly bags returned to Rey’s Cleaners
  • The upgrading of our van fleet to energy efficient vans

Rest assured, Rey’s Cleaners has always and will continue to build upon our reputation for protecting our environment through preventive and ongoing changes.  If you have any suggestions as to any other changes you’d like to see in our future, please contact us: 786.235.0435 or

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What’s important to keep in mind is that going green is an ever growing aspect of our lives.  Think of the difference between going on a diet versus making a healthy lifestyle change…going green, well it’s the healthy lifestyle change for our planet, our community, our families! The best part is that everyone any age can chip in, even the  drycleaners out there that use harsh chemicals.

Dry cleaning is a science – it’s not rocket science, but it does deal with chemistry on a day to day basis.  Questions about the acidity of a stain or whether it is oil based or if it is a protein and many more come up garment to garment.  There is no “ONE WAY” to clean all garments, thus there are many solutions used to remove these stains, sometimes several at the same time in order to reach the desired objective – cleaning the garment and leaving it as close to new as possible. Green living and working comes into play when operators are mindful of their space and adhere to the very stringent rules and regulations set forth to keep the environment clean.  I’m not going to lie, there are several rotten apples in this industry as there are in all industries, but the vast majority run very eco-friendly and responsible operations.  I invite you to ask your dry cleaners what they do to make a difference! You might be pleasantly surprised!

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