Can club soda REALLY clean that?

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If you’ve ever gotten stains on your clothes, furniture, or other household items, you’ve probably researched home remedies to finding a cost-effective way of cleaning up the mess yourself. In this case, you’ve most likely stumbled upon the debate over the cleaning prowess of club soda: while some say it does nothing more than make your clothes wet, a majority of these methods purport the miracle abilities of club soda to remove tea, make up, and even red and white wine stains.

But does club soda really possess these stain removal abilities? If so, what exactly can it clean, and how well? The answer lies in the science behind the fizz.

What makes club soda fizz

The fizzy bubbles in club soda are formed from a process called carbonization, which is really just the addition of carbon dioxide into water. However, when CO2

(carbon dioxide) and H2O combine, it does
more than make your drink bubbly: the two molecules combine to form H2CO3, or carbonic acid. This byproduct, as the name suggests, is an acid, which makes club sodas have a lower pH, or higher acidity, than regular water. But with an acidity between that of orange juice and apple juice, are those bubbles really that much more effective than regular water?

Carbon Dioxide vs. Water

Due to the slightly lower pH, or higher acidity, of seltzer water (pH 3-4) to plain water (pH 7), seltzer water can be used as a quick fix for most surface stains on fabric materials. However, it is not exactly the instant stain remover it is made out to be. In one experiment carried out by the Dry-cleaning and Laundry Institute (DLI), the stain removal properties of both carbonated water and plain water were
tested on ten assorted fabric items.

Sadly, the differences between the two did not show significant results: both water- and seltzer-based treatments ended up having the similar ability to quickly remove the surfaces of the stains, but not

completely remove them altogether. As stains can quickly seep into most fabrics and begin to
permanently set in, stronger acidic cleaning agents are necessary for cleaning deep into the fabrics.

The verdict?

While the quick answer is “yes,” seltzer water does provide a temporary solution to a big stain, you should begin to lose faith in seltzer water once you realize that the deeper portions of the stain remain visible after the initial treatment. In this case, you should put your trust in more effective stain removal methods like ours at Rey’s, where our Deluxe Dry leaning services effortlessly and efficiently remove set-in stains, without having to waste time on only partially effective club soda home remedies. Call us
at 786-235-0795 today!

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