Wedding Gown Preservation- Preserving Your Memories for a Lifetime

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A wedding gown is a symbol for many things- love, commitment, personal growth… However, it also stands for the memories that you share with the person you love, and the beginning of new memories in your new life with your soulmate. That’s why it’s important to preserve your wedding gown, and thus those special memories, in order to create a long-lasting symbol of everlasting happiness by treating and

maintaining the quality of your wedding apparel. After all, your gown deserves a happy ending too,

Wedding Gown Cleaning Techniques

From traditional ballgowns to elegant mermaid and modern mini dresses, maintaining the emotional atmosphere of that special day takes time and energy- as well as quality resources and products. One of the problems that many wedding gowns face is the worsening of unseen champagne and sugar stains that are left embedded into the many folds and sequins of your favorite dress, which slowly oxidize and
turn yellow or brown over time if left untreated.

Many gown specialists will use the wet cleaning method to treat your gown, which consists of simply wet washing the gown by hand utilizing gentle cleaning agents that address all stains seen and unseen. However, Rey’s tends to prefer the more vigorous, effective, yet safe traditional dry-cleaning method:

  1. Gowns are inspected to select the best cleaning agents and dry-cleaning methods specific to your wedding gown or apparel.
  2. Stains are pre-treated by one of our Master Dry Cleaners with solvents that powerfully removes stains while nourishing fabrics in a lovely sheen.
  3. A post-cleaning inspection is done to assure all stains are removed.
  4. Your wedding gown is then hand-packaged in an acid- and lignon-free preservation box. This allows the gown to breathe and adjust to fluctuations in outside temperature.
  5. Preservation is finished by wrapping your wedding gown in a cotton dust cover and securing it with a ribbon for long-term storage.

What You Can Do

At Rey’s, your wedding gowns are handled by qualified professionals who have decades of experience behind their belts. However, there are still some things you can do before and after letting us treat your wedding garment to ensure that the integrity of your wedding gown remains as pristine as it did when you walked down the aisle to your new life:

  • Do not wrap the dress in plastic. This helps seal in moisture and promotes mold and mildew.
  • Hang your dress on plastic or padded hangers that can withstand the weight of your dress. This prevents the dress and fabric weave from stretching or distortion.
  • Keep your dress in a dark, cool environment, with a humidity of no more than 50%.

Don’t wait until your stains begin to set in and ruin the dress that changed your life- contact us now to preserve your precious memories for you and your future family!

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