Velvet: The Seasonless Classic

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While velvet is one of winter’s fashion favorites, the soft smooth fabric can
also be worn as a seasonless classic. Even crushed velvets and velvet
garments with decorative trim are now made stretchy and light for hot spring
and summer weather.
What is velvet?
General velvet is made on a special “double action” loom that weaves two layers of fabric at the same time. One of the threads is fed into a foundation fabric, and then the two layers are cut apart as they come off the loom to create the soft face of the velvet known as the pile. This piling effect gives velvet its characteristic smooth touch, and also lends to
the usage of the word “velvety” for suave, comfortable surfaces.
Pile length and fiber type may vary in length, and can even characterize the type of velvet. True velvet is usually made of rayon, acetate, silk, or a blend of these fibers, and typically has a short, closely-woven pile. Finishes are often applied to velvets to maintain pile durability and protect the fabric.
How to keep your velvets fit for royalty
All velvet fabrics can experience a variety of problems that can result in a
distortion of its original design and a loss of fabric softness, such as flattening and matting, pilling, tufting, and shrinkage. Therefore, it is important to maintain your velvet garments with the following steps:
  • Clean velvet garments immediately after each use.
  • Preserve your velvet garments in a well-ventilated closet. If you are looking to store velvet garments, make sure that it is in a climate-controlled storage space such as the one we offer.
  • Shake excess dampness from your velvet garment and allow It to dry. Do not blot or apply any pressure to damp areas as that can distort the fabric.
  • Do not iron your velvets. Instead, hang it in your bathroom and steam the garment to remove any unwanted wrinkle

While these steps may help prevent further damage when accidents such as spillage occur, some tough stains may need a professional touch to fully remove the blemish and restore the velvet fabric’s smooth surface you love. If you do get a stain on a velvet garment, our stain removal experts are ready to help. e will even pick up and drop off your garment from and to your home or office at no extra charge. Give Rey’s Cleaners a call today.

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  1. The best dress is one with little adornment. Your pizazz comes from the accessories. This is a dress that fits well, but is so basic you can wear it to event after event without people noticing. Simple, flattering cut, seasonless fabric, conservative yet not school marm-like hemline. This dress will last you for years and years of special occasions.

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