Less laundry, more time for the things you love.

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The apprehension on “laundry day,” when you have fa
mily-sized loads of laundry that must be collected,
washed, dried, and folded, and appears to take so l
ong that it consumes your whole day. You want to
read your new favorite novel, or go on summer excur
sions with the family, and spend more time on
doing the things you love to do. But alas, the endl
ess monotony of wash, dry, fold, repeat calls to you
from the laundry room.
Thankfully, we know how you can turn “laundry day”
into “laundry hour” with some great tips on how
to handle loads of laundry in an easier and more ef
ficient way. The following will allow you to invest
more time enveloped in your hobbies and focusing on
yourself rather than focusing on hampers of
unfolded clothes:
  1. Evaluate your laundry schedule. Choose a schedule that works for you: either do it more often with smaller loads, or less often with larger loads
  2. Learn how to wash everything properly. Learn the meanings of the symbols on the care label and sort clothes according to their washing instructions and color.
  3. Organize clothes with multiple hampers. It will save you time picking out whites from colors in a mixed load.
  4. Wash all lingerie and socks as a separate load. Instead of getting small items of clothing mixed up in mounds of larger ones, separate them and expedite the folding process.
  5. Fold faster. Learn the proper way to fold all of your garments. Try the Japanese T-shirt folding method (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dNr1oLhZ0zs) for an easy guide.
  6. Fill drawers from front to back. Don’t stack them vertically! A horizontal alignment creates fora more organized, easy-to-grab drawer that’s effort less to create.
  7. Multitask! If you become so bored you can’t continue, try doing something else while completing laundry, like watching TV, listening to an audiobook, or talking on the phone.
The final most important thing, of course, is motivation! Get yourself motivated to do the laundry by visualizing the state of your room after your laundry is done, with organized rows of clean clothes and a more open positive atmosphere. Another thing you can do to limit the amount of laundry is to go through all of your clothing, one by one, and ask yourself, “Do I really need this? Does this item ofclothing really make me happy?” If the answer is ever “No,” then toss it in a giveaway pile that you can bring to a local charity or goodwill.
Of course, for those clothes that you need to be spotless and professionally cared for, we will handle all of the laundry process for you! Bring your clothes to Rey’s Deluxe Dry Cleaning and we will help you save time so you can get on with your busy life and do the things you love to do.
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