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Bag Cleaning

As Miami's finest bag cleaning service provider, we clean all types of bags for you, our customer. From backpacks, big or small, to high-end luxury bags like Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Hermès with our luxury bag cleaning services, we specialize in providing incomparable service.

We are capable of cleaning and restoring all bag types, including: cloth, suede, nubuck, calf and lamb skin, and leather. To ensure that your bag looks great from the inside out, we offer a comprehensive bag cleaning service for both the interior and exterior of your bag to make the inside feel completely fresh while also giving the outside a brand new look.

Our bag cleaning experts are skilled with years of experience in cleaning a wide array of bags. Our team uses special cleaning solutions to match each bag's uniquely different materials and fibers. This ensures that we clean your bag and bring it back to life both safely and effectively.

Many of the bag stains and marks that our professionals are well-equipped to remove for you include:

Food and drink stains including stains from greasy food, tannin stains from tea and coffee
Common soiling of the bag from commuting, travel, and busy lifestyles
Ink marks (marker pens, toner ink)
Lipstick and other cosmetic stains
Petrol and diesel spots
Water marks due to rain and accidentsPetrol and diesel spots
Light and heavy dye transfer
Other old and accumulated stains and blemishes

We also provide bag cleaning services for full-color refurbishment, accommodating our customer's bag cleaning needs to fit any type of bag cleaning or restoration you may need. We make sure to use top of the line refinishing polish to refinish your bag and return it to its original beauty. The enthusiasm we maintain for our work and our commitment to providing our customers the best services in bag cleaning has helped us become Miami's premier bag cleaner.

Many of our satisfied customers understand the value of investing in bag cleaning services like ours, because we have helped them save time and money by lengthening the lifespan of their bags. Our top-of-the-line bag cleaning service will be sure to make you feel proud and confident, saving you from the embarrassment of dirty and stained bags.