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Awning cleaning

Our Miami-based awning cleaning service provides the best care for worn-out or soiled awnings, tents and canopies. Depending on the material and the level of dirt, our awning cleaning professionals will either wash them by hand or use our delicate jet wash and pressure cleaning technique in order to leave your awning looking brand new. Our highly qualified professionals have had years of experience in the awning cleaning industry, and use gentle and chemically-safe products to carefully and effectively remove the toughest stains and odors from your favorite outdoor accessories.

Our standard awning cleaning process by hand includes:

Brushing off loose dirt and other surface stains.
Preparing an extra mild cleaning solution to protect fabrics.
Cleaning items with a gentle soft-bristled brush.
Soak our mild cleaning solution into the fabric without damage to the fabric's color or fiber quality.
Rinse thoroughly until all soap residue is completely removed.

In cases where our hand cleaning technique is unable to remove stubborn stains from your awning fabric and frame, we apply a strong pressure cleaning technique. The intense water pressure easily loosens set-in stains, and fabric-safe detergents and additional cleaning products are mixed into the water to improve the cleaning of the pressure washing process.

For customers with inner tents, our awning cleaning professionals also use a washing technique that doesn't damage any clips, ties or zips. For larger inner tents, all parts of the frame and panel are removed and cleaned individually to guarantee a perfect finish. We also check for any broken springs or plastic connectors. Your awning or tent will then be dried and waterproofed before returning them to you as good as new. Request a quote today to discover why our awning cleaning professionals are the best suited to clean your awnings.